Argentina Folk Music

The traditional music of Argentina includes a variety genres. Folk music (called música folklórica or folklore in Spanish) comes in many forms, developed in different parts of Argentina with different European and indigenous influences. In northern Argentina, on the borders with Bolivia and Chile, the music of the Andes reflects the spirit of the land with the sounds of local wind, percussion and string instruments. Chacarera originating in Santiago del Estero, this folk music is accompanied by Spanish guitars and bombo legüero. The name originates from the word "chacra" ("farm"), as it was usually danced in rural areas, but it slowly made its way to the cities of that area. It is one of the few Argentine dances for couples where the woman has an equal opportunity to show off. Accordion-based Chamamé arose in the northeastern region (provinces of Corrientes, Formosa & Misiones) an area with many settlers from Poland, Austria and Germany. Polkas, Mazurkas and waltzes came with these immigrants, and soon mixed with the Spanish music already present in the area. According to the Harvard Dictionary of Music, Argentina has one of the richest art music traditions and perhaps the most active contemporary musical life.
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