Iraq Instrumental Music

The music of Iraq or Iraqi music, also known as the Music of Mesopotamia encompasses the music of a number of ethnic groups and musical genres. Ethnically, it includes Arabic music, Assyrian, Kurdish and the music of Turkmen, among others. Iraq is recognized mainly for three instruments, the Oud, Iraqi Santur and Joza. Iraqi classical music necessitates some discussion of the social environment, as well as references to the poetry. Poetry is always rendered clearly. Poetry is the art of the Iraqis, and sung poetry is the finest of all. Across the Arab world, maqam refers to specific melodic modes . When a musician performs maqam performances, the performer improvises, based on rules. There are a number of different maqams, each with its own mood and characteristics. Instruments include qanun , riq , santur, darbuka , naqareh , ney , djose and oud. Maqama texts are often derived from classical Arabic poetry. Some performers used traditional sources translated into the dialect of Baghdad, and still others use Arabic, Turkish, Armenian, Hebrew, Turkmen, Aramaic or Persian language lyrics.
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